Quietly tucked away on Frederik Street, The Cauldron is new to Edinburgh. With venues in both London and New York, it seems fitting that the guys behind The Cauldron have bought this magical cocktail experience to the mystical Scottish capital.

The Cauldron isn't just any old bar - it's an experience like no other.

The evening starts with the all-important wand choosing. Once you've found the right wand for you, you'll be led to your work station where you'll receive a welcome drink - choose from beer, a cocktail or mocktail.

Next up, an immersive 1 hr 45 min class sees attendees don their robes and wield a working wand in order to mix up scrummy cocktails.

With a little help from your potion's master, mix up the magical ingredients in the cauldron, cast your spell and voila! Cocktails that change colour, bubble and smoke.

The first cocktail you will conjure up will be the Transformative Tonic. Carefully follow the instructions on your scroll, mix up the liquids from the viles, add the secret ingredient and watch your cocktail magically change colour. Next, it's time to make 'Lost Thyme' using a working cauldron to whip up a bubbling, smoking cocktail using ingredients grown in the grounds of The Cauldron itself.

As part of the experience your party will be led to meet 3 mythical creatures including an a thousand year old lamb dragon and a basilisk that lurks round the sewers of Edinburgh. Cast a spell, again using your working wand, and receive either a beer, cocktail or mocktail from the creature of your choice.

By choosing to cast our magic over the basilisk, we both received an exclusive beer brewed in collaboration with Scottish company Innis & Gunn - the '3 Sister's Pale Ale.' A delicious, delicate ale infused with rosemary, honey and thistle.

The Cauldron is a charming, quirky venue, full to the brim of magical regalia and wondrous working equipment.

Although this is a largely self-led workshop, your potion master is just a wand flick away. This is a great way to spend a fun-filled, magical evening with friends.

We were Kindly gifted this experience but usual tickets cost:

  • off-peak: £29.99

  • Peak: £34.99